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Re: Hop in! On my way to a 100k!

FrugalRican - Yeah, sometimes it takes a bit of explaining and demonstrating to others how things can work.  I am so glad you keep working with your gf.  Smiley Happy


DH does the hotel breakfast.  I usually have to bring my own food (because of food allergies), but supplement when I can with the hotel breakfast offerings.


DH makes his lunch from the offerings.   If  the offerings are safe, then I also make my lunch from the offerings.  At the very least, I try to supplement lunch.


For dinner, if I can, I will use what I can from the breakfast offerings.  For example, right now, I am making chili in an electric skillet in the hotel bathroom.  I brought two english muffins back to go with the chili.   And for dessert - two apple turnovers.   Last night, I brought up three pieces of French toast to go with our scrambled eggs.


Overall, the amount of food we consume and take from the breakfast offerings is about the same as what everyone else consumes and throws away at breakfast.


*** on a proud note, today is the 10th of the month and we have ONLY spent $80 on food this month!!    Breakfast has passed, lunch is taken care of, and dinner is cooking!!   Translation - we are $20 ahead of our food budget!  Potential savings - $20!!   That could be added to an existing Navy CD, earn good interest.   For us, this is a HUGE deal!  To give you perspective, usually by the 10th of each month, we have spent about $200.