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Re: Wedding debt..

I am currently single but hoping to find a girl that shares my frugal ways. My view on cars is never buy new, and never take out an auto loan. Get a respectable used car for 7-8k or even less if possible, and throw in a repair or two as needed and you are good to go.


I have the same view on a wedding. Why spend yourself to death? Me personally I would be happy with just spending a few hundred dollars as necessary, get married in the church with a handful of family and friends, then have a family cookout afterward to celebrate the big day. No expensive receptions or events. A nice little ceremony and cookout with family and friends will make me, and hopefully her, happy. After all the people you are around is what makes the day special, not how much "bling" you have.


If you save as much as possible and spend as little as possible on the wedding, then you can have a nice dream honeymoon vacation. Personally my dream honeymoon is spending a week in the australian outback.

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