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Wife's deadbeat brother being dishonest about sibling's inheritance

First off, I want the forum to realize this is about fairness, not greed.  Death is a terrible event and my wife has suffered tremendously over the past 3 months.  However, life continues and the deceased would want her assets divided equally among her children...


My wife's mother died in February.  She was only in her sixties.  We drove out of state to the funeral and stayed 3 days before returning home.  Some time after, my wife received $20,000 from the brother as part of her inheritance.  Problem is, there are more assets.. there have to be. We found evidence of a JC Penney life insurance policy and possible one other bank account while there.  When questioned about it, the brother gets angry and changes the subject pointing to himself as the victim for having lived with her and witnessing her death.  He's 47 and living with Mom... does that tell you anything?  Thank goodness she leased her house!


In my view, the $20,000 was a payoff for the rest of the siblings to get lost... and her life insurance should've been settled by now if a claim was put in.  My wife's name definitely would be listed as a beneficiary.  Unfortunately, JCP Life was taken over by TransAmerica and they don't have a record of it.  What should we be doing now?  We want to avoid be scammed by some unscrupulous lawyer or search site.


Thanks for any advice