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Re: Wedding debt..

Catacam wrote:

This thread made me lol.... I'm sorry but a wedding is important and if the two people getting married can't agree to what they spend $500 or $500k, then they shouldn't get married.


We did Vegas with 24 friends, less than $500... Reception back home on the other hand was much much more. Receptions are what costs the money and for us, we didn't want a potluck, but we also budgeted for a year and didn't gain any additional debt, except for my ring... Beyond the wedding costs, consider what a diamond costs!!!


And if a person is too frugal in their ways (not not you frugal rican!!), you may stay single forever! Smiley LOL

It's not a matter of being frugal, LOL! It's being honest about what you can't actually afford.


Someone who wants more wedding than they can afford probably applies that same thought process to everything else. Next thing you know it's more house, car, kids, and everything else than you can afford. No thanks, LOL!


If someone's earned, and can afford it... have a wedding every week but don't accumulate three years worth of debt in one day to feel like a fairy princess.

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