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Re: Hop in! On my way to a 100k!

I didn't forget to update!  I didn't have good (or in some cases any) internet connection over the last few weeks!



Week seven and eight combined!


I stayed on track with the goal to save 100k.


  • Loose change to the bank.
  • Shared a few meals with others.  I brought the odds and ends I had in the house that would compliment what others had.
  • Planned meals around what we already had in the house
  • The garden is supplementing VERY little in the way of food, but I hope that will change when I can relocate garden.
  • Went to the discount theater to see a movie.
  • Due to human error, I had to wait an exceedingly long time after purchasing my tickets before I could get in to be seated.  Since I missed the first few minutes of the movie (again human error), I asked for a discount for the next time.  What I received was a coupon for a free popcorn and drink next movie!  Ok, I can live with that!  J
  • Went to a bbq and asked what I could bring.  They actually asked me to bring the most expensive items for the bbq!  I took a few minutes to digest this, and then called back.  I asked how many people were going to be there and what were they bringing.  Turns out, no one else was bringing anything!  I guess no one else asked or volunteered.  [next time, I should keep my mouth shut and just show up with food!]   After hearing the answers, I suggested I bring something a lot more affordable and reasonable.  My suggestion was accepted.  (*whew!*)   In the end, I left with some junk food that the hostess wanted out of her house (someone had given it to her previously and she was very offended by the thoughtless gift.  Me?  Me say thank you!)
  • What is amazing is that we have been in hotels most of the month.  Hotels without fridges or microwaves.  And we are at $550 in food for the month.  Just a little over budget, but far under what we would normally spend.  J  If I get technical about it, the extra $50 is from a gift card and so we REALLY we are NOT over budget for the month!!  Weu weu!!
  • Oh - and I learned that sometimes you can take out a portion of a cd (and pay the dang penalty) instead of having to close out the entire cd!!  More on this next week!!