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Re: Boyfriend wants to sign up for utility - gets hit with security fees

I get that I'm on the hook with the card, which is why I only gave him the $500 limit card. It correlates to the level of risk I'm willing to take. I had his AMEX limit capped @ $200, just in case (keep in mind he doesn't even have the card.) I'll check with Citibank to see if they provide similar limits on AU cards.


I just keep thinking of the situation a friend of mine found herself in. She co-signed for student loans for her DF. I believe she was either wrapping up her Bachelor's, or working on her Master's at the time. guessed it...they split up. Even worse, he decides to take a break from school. Payments weren't being made, so of course my friend is then getting called for payment. Given that she had other debts as well, she eventually had to file BK. Keep in mind that SL debt is generally not charged off in BK...sad.




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