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Re: Financially UNstable Fiancee

My credit sucks, and I am actively trying to rebuild it.  I pay off old collections, GW stuff, and pay my curent bills on time, like I'm supposed to.


My wife, on the other hand, well, doesn't.  She has collections, late payments, judgments, and has basically just mimed my desire for fixing our credit, but still does nothing to help rebuild.


She's an AU on my Capital One secured card, and her basic thought is that if the charge is approved, then I must be paying the bill.  If it's declined, break out the check card.


I think a lot of the reason is that she's young, and doesn't quite understand the repercussions like I've figured out.  I don't know where to being.  As it is, I've been concentrating more on rebuilding my credit, and paying of old collections, while still devoting a small portion to taking care of some of hers, too.


I have tried to talk with her, get her to join me when I pay bills, but she has absolutely zero interest.  It doesn't result in a fight like in some relationships, but she just gets bored, and obviously isn't interested.  


She's perfectly content having her money direct deposited into our bank account and letting me handle the bills, etc.  


Any suggestions for me?

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