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Re: Boyfriend wants to sign up for utility - gets hit with security fees

FrugalRican wrote:

Steelersfan904 wrote:

You can add him to credit cards but wont help on a cable bills? WTH

There's a BIG difference in both situations.

Her adding him to HER card means that she ultimately has complete control over the situation.

Him using her so that he can get a utility is leaving herself at the mercy of whether he pays or nots. She has no control afterwards.


She's being preemptive and proactive and trying to control her credit situation.

There is no shame in that.

I can't remember if I saw it or not but didnt she gave him the credit cards also? She obviously doesn't trust him to pay the bills is my point so if you dont trust somebody to pay their bill why wouldnt you let them possibly run up a credit card in their name. I get that you have to protect yourself and I don't know how old the OP is but if she has known this dude for over 11 years and been together for 4 years and she cant trust him then there is a bigger problem that is all I am saying

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