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Re: Boyfriend wants to sign up for utility - gets hit with security fees
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honeybunnygal wrote:

Steelersfan904 wrote:

AT&T will cut off a service if a missed payment hasnt been made, if you are saying this is for his work he is more likely to keep it up to date rather as an AU where he can just call and take his name off the account and have a $0 balance show (I had to do this with an EX who I was an AU user on AMEX). I am just playing devils advocate but I would rather have a utility bill in my name then gave somebody authorized use to my credit cards and have 0% responsibility on paying it back if we decided to split. Matter of fact unless I am married I will never do the whole AU thing again. But never the less good job talking to him about it and coming up with a solution to the temporary problem Smiley Happy

But who is on the hook for the payment? What if it goes to collections? Who takes that ding? I do. Also, life happens. What if he is injured, or loses his job and can't make the payments. Again, I'm on the hook. What if equipment needs to be returned?


There are too many hanging details to opening a utility in your name for someone.

As I was just playing devils advocate and asking questions. A utility bill is much much easier to take care of then a credit card ding that is all I am saying. IMO giving him a credit card that is basically 100% your responbility on getting it paid even if he makes charges on it or not is equal if not greather than putting a utility in his name, if you can't trust him enough to open a AT&T bill in your name then he shouldnt have CCs that is on you more than him that is what I am saying. I am not and never once said go ahead and put the bill in your name but its confusing on why you would do one thing but not the other?

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