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Re: Boyfriend wants to sign up for utility - gets hit with security fees

To continue playing devil's advocate, let's look at some worse-case scenarios for each (if we broke up & he morphed into a jerk):


AU on CC

-Call CC companies & have him removed as an AU.

-Get whatever card(s) he may have returned. If he doesn't give them back? Once he is no longer an AU, report the card as stolen so that a new number is issued. Actually, I would do that anyway, just in case he jotted the numbers down (by morphing into a jerk.)

-Whatever charges that were made would legally be my responsibility. Given the restricted access & restricted limits on the cards, I'm okay with that risk. It's an amount I could pay off immediately if I had to. I check my accounts regularly. I will ALWAYS know when the bill is paid. If anything starts to get out of hand, I can pull the plug without dinging my CR.


Name on utility

-Call utility so that the service can be disconnected. I need the billing info to do so.

-Outstanding bill needs to be addressed. If he doesn't pay it, I'm on the hook. If he is in arrears, it could be a large sum. It could also hit the collections department, which could lead to a collection ding on my CR.

-Equipment needs to be returned. If he doesn't return it? I'm charged for that too (which could also be a hefty sum.)


I suppose it comes down to a matter of control. Which situation do I have the most control over in case things go south? That is the deciding factor for me, I guess.




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