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Re: Boyfriend wants to sign up for utility - gets hit with security fees

drkaje wrote:

@ HBG,


I think it's more a question of which situation leaves you with the feeling of being in control. That's not the same as actually being in control. :smileyhappy:


Utilities would be harder to fix than a CC should things go sideways.


It's just not a position I'd want to be in after struggling so hard to rebuild. DGF is on my USAA card and they're pretty frustrating when it comes to authorized users. I'm likely taking her off next year. It was only done to help with utilization, by then she won't need the help. Also, her credit is far better than mine, LOL!

Heh...isn't that what gets people in trouble in the first place? Feelings :smileywink:


Also, this gives me a way to see how he does with minimal impact, even in the worse-case scenario. It is what I am most comfortable with. :smileyhappy:

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