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Re: Wedding debt..

I usually never post but this topic peaked my interest since I was just married in late 2010. Definitely, a money discussion early on helps.


You have to do what's right for you two. My then fiance (now husband Smiley Happy ) and I discussed options and cost. We decided on a small destination wedding and a reception later when we came back. This allowed us to keep cost down because we only invited family and a couple of close friends.  


This was my "dream" wedding because I was able to marry the man of my dreams and have my dad walk me down the aisle (beach) in a beautiful locale. Also, because it was a small party, we spent more per person then we would have with a huge invitation list and wedding party.  We were also able to enjoy our wedding day because we were more relaxed and didn't have to worry about the details and guests (many hotels and resorts have event planners that take care of that when purchasing a package).  We did splurge on a photographer because we wanted memorable pictures.  We stayed at the hotel just under a week.


The total (travel, hotel room, wedding, photographer & wedding dinner) was definitely under 10k. My parents paid for the wedding dinner, but we paid for everything else...


We came back and had a reception/party which our close friends threw for us and we requested no wedding gifts, so everyone came together and gave us our reception as a wedding gift. We had a duplication cake made of our wedding cake so that people at our reception could have cake and sparkly with us...


There are definitely many ways to keep wedding cost down. 


The best thing was, we didn't have to any wedding debt, we just paid as we went for the wedding package, hotel, and photographer. 


As far as dresses go...Fabulous deals can be found at sample sales and altered....


Just my 2 cents.




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