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Re: Boyfriend wants to sign up for utility - gets hit with security fees

Well, it was worth logging back on, just for this thread. Smiley Happy A couple of thoughts:


-- $450 is the fee that your BF is being charged for past credit misbehavior. It doesn't mean that he's an awful person; it doesn't mean that he'll never have good credit again. it just means that right now, per his credit history, AT&T (or whoever it was; I lost track) wants $450 to minimize their risk in giving him cable and Internet access. We've all done things in our past that might not have been terribly smart, and most of us have had to pay for them in one way or another. It won't last forever, assuming that in terms of credit, he straightens up and flies right. Actually, I'd count it as a pretty small fee for whatever happened back in the day.


-- You're a single mom, responsible for a child. This puts a special spin on things. While you might possibly be willing to do dumb things on your own account (no info on this, and it's completely up to you), things are different now. Having good credit might very well mean that if your current living situation gets ugly, you'll be able to move out and away, to a better place for your kid. If you let your credit get screwed up, you might be stuck where you are. Again, your current home might be wonderful, but you don't ever want to limit your options, especially when you're responsible for someone else.


It sounds like your BF is starting to move forward in becoming more responsible for his stuff, including his credit, but he's still only part way through, which does happen. So maybe he's surprised that you're not there to rescue him, and a little indignant. If so, it's time for him to dig up a rueful chuckle, and to realize that he's not all the way there yet, and there are a few more steps left in terms of being financially mature and independent. Hope it all works out for the both of you!

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