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Re: Why doesn't he get it? Venting.

thankfulheart wrote:

I hate it when other people are right. Smiley Very Happy (OK, I really like it and appreciate the kick in the pants!)


You are absolutely right about the phone bill.  Verizon just announced a new plan anyway that will save me some moolah, so that will be that.  I'm trying to figure out the mortgage thing. It's at $7K left owing, but I've got money tied up in my own mortgage plan right now, so can't pay it off at this point.  If I can get it excluded from my DTI, that will be a HUGE blessing and load off my shoulders. 


I just need to stop listening to him whine about where the money is going.  It's going and it would be going one way or the other, so suck it up, buster.  Tired of the eggshells.


Oh, and to the person who mentioned drugs/alcohol, none of that is involved.  His "drug" is reading crazy stuff on the computer for hours on end.

Oh, heavens. Good thing none of us do that! Smiley Wink

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