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Re: Boyfriend wants to sign up for utility - gets hit with security fees

honeybunnygal wrote:

Ahhhhh....Hauling. A certain calm overtook me when I saw your post...*sigh* At this point, I think he is chalking up my refusal to my innate stubborn nature. But he accepts my decision (and he can be equally, if not more, stubborn at times.)


Rckstrscott - I have a question. When your fiancee (who was your GF at the time) did all this, did you TRULY understand how far she was going for you? The risks she was taking? I noticed your scores in your sig (congrats!), so I know you get it NOW. But what about then? 



To the extent of your knowledge? No way.  She still doesn't really have a huge grasp on how credit scoring works. She pays her bills on time, because that was how she was raised. She doesn't abuse credit, because thats how she was raised. But does she know what makes FICO tick? Probably not.. I mean, when I started repairing I really didn't know either.. I am not undermining the risks, but all relationships are risk/reward in my estimation. You decided the financial risk/reward wasn't worth it for you, mine did. Doesn't make her better, or you better.


An internet provider in my personal estimation, is a pretty low risk. I mean, if he defaults for like 2 months, it be cancelled and you would have at the most, what a 300 dollar bill that isn't even reported unless it goes to collections.. and GW gesture can mean the world to someone who is struggling, take it from someone who has slept in his car for weeks at a time. I NEEDED someone like her, at the time she came around. Could I have done it without? I am unsure to be honest, but being with her added to the motivation, and not letting her down added to the motivation to get everything straightened up.


I think sometimes having an intricate knowledge of how FICO works can be an albatross.. I'll find myself making decisions for a three digit third party private score, than making the right life decisions, even if it means jeopordizing my current financial makeup or my FICO score. I think quite a few too many people obsess over their credit, me included now.



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