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Re: Boyfriend wants to sign up for utility - gets hit with security fees

honeybunnygal wrote:

I understand what you're saying. I guess my concern is him facing the credit issues head-on. I added him as an AU on three of my CCs, and he has one of them (lower-limit) in his possession. I'm more than willing to help him with his reports to get things straightened out as much as possible. I think there is just a difference of opinion on the TYPE of help being given, taking his circumstances into consideration.


Part of that difference may be attributed to what Hauling mentioned earlier. I've got a child to think about, and the consequences of my decisions (be they financial, emotional, etc.) have a direct effect on her. If it was just me, it's possible I would be willing to take the added risk. But it isn't just me at stake, so I have to adjust my priorities accordingly.



I totally understand what you are saying, and clearly you made the decision you felt was in your best interest... I think if WE were dating, and I was in my old situation, I wouldn't have gotten mad that you didnt want to sign on an internet bill, I would pony up the dough and show I am serious about taken on my credit repair with hope that I could showcase I want to improve for our future..


I think what I was getting at, is all the replies on here that vehemently swore up and down about never cosigning, never doing things like that, and I just think that misrepresents those who actually don't welch on things when helped, or do the right thing. We are on a FICO forum, many of us came here cause we are rebuilding, or we needed guidance on getting things right.. but we gotta remember there are people who aren't credit nightmares out there, who would never DREAM on defaulting on a bill, who might need help and I don't understand the immediate recoil from helping people out.


But the majority of those out there without credit problems cosign without a care, or concern, and there is never an issue.

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