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Re: Dealing w/ an unscrupulous father

Thank you both for your advice - freezing my report seems to be the way to go. However, do you have any suggestions on how to prevent my father from getting my credit card info from credit card companies so he can make unathorized charges? I will be applying for and (hopefully) getting my first credit card (or 2) very soon. My father will learn about these cards at some point or another (as he knows that I will need to get a credt card to start building my credit), but if I am ever pressed for details, I will lie. However, partly due to paranoia and partly because of my father's past behvior, I am afraid that he might randomly start calling credit card companies and claiming that he is me to get information, and if I do happen to have a card at one of those companies I could get screwed. Are credit card companies willing to thoroughly verify my information every time I call? And, by thoroughly, I mean going well beyond asking my SSN, as this is something my father would obviously know. Thanks!