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Re: Wedding debt..

I just watched my younger sister get married this past weekend.. It was a beautiful wedding and I think she got everything she wanted. However, the whole time, I felt sorry for my parents who picked up the tab. Easily cost $40k. I'm thankful for abundant blessings as my parents had that money and didn't have to borrow a single dime but I would never do that to them when my time comes (whenever that is)

I've told me parents on countless occasions that my wedding budget is $5000. Regardless of the effects of inflation a few years down the road. I just can't justify spending anymore than that. I will hold my future spouse in such high esteem and the estimated value of our relationship ( inestimable) will have nothing to do with how much we will spend.  I come from a culture where marriages are celebrated in a big way and I will be breaking a lot of cultural ideals (and maybe even my parent's hearts) when I decide to have a wedding with 30 people  on the invitation list :smileyhappy:

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