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Re: How do you handle the Ex.'s collection calls....

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You could change your number...  


I have people calling for a guy named Christopher all the time... apparently he owed a lot of people and he had my cell phone number before I did... Also learned he played the bagpipes, cause someone called needing a bagpipe player for their grandma's funeral... very bizarre

That's great Smiley Happy , too bad you don't play otherwise you could have scored a sweet gig.


For the first year I had it, I used to get prison collect calls on my mobile phone ~ I was tempted to answer just to see who it was calling, but I never did since this is probably the most expensive form of communication ever invented, like $19/minute or something crazy like that. 

I thought you couldn't call collect to a mobile phone, how would it get billed?   Ya I would have totally answered!


My mom had people calling for a man named Raymond all the time at her house... Raymond had a lot of friends!  They tried to call him for over 6 yrs!

I got a land line about 6 months ago.  I get calls all the time asking for Kimberly, which is also my first name.  The first one I got for her was from a hospital where she owed over $10,000.  That had me scared until we both figured out that I was not the correct Kimberly, especially since the last time I was at a hospital was several years ago with my insurance company paying all of the bill except the $100 co-pay which I paid while I was there.  Now, I know to ask "Kimberly who?".

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