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Re: Dealing w/ an unscrupulous father

I'm sorry your dealing with something like this in your family.  I had a similar issue.  You must put a fraud alert with all 3 credit bureaus!  However, it maybe difficult since he is your father and knows all your information.  My other advice.  Divert your mail to a PO box instead of to your fathers home.  That will help stop credit card offers from coming into his home.  You may also opt out of credit card offers.  That would reduce the "offers" that you would get in the mail.


My brothers girlfriend "used" our last name.  Since her first name was similar to mine.  She would run around town running up bills.  Therefore, when I was doing legitmate business.  These creditors would try to collect her BAD debt from ME!  Some of her crap ended up on my credit reports.  So, I have a permanent fraud alert on my credit report!  It is so tight, I can't even get credit sometimes!