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Re: Wedding debt..

My ex-husband and I had very nice weddding that we paid for on our own.  We paid cash for our wedding.  We planned it over a year.  The cost for the wedding was under $6,000.  We didn't want for anything.  With E-bay, costco for flowers, chocolate fountain, it was a beautiful wedding!  We rented a hall.  Had a DJ.  Would I do it again?  NO!!!  I would have rather saved that money and eloped in Hawaii or Mexico or Lake Tahoe!  The reason why he is a EXHUSBAND, because we never could trust eachother when it came to finances!  A wedding is for one day, a marriage lasts a lifetime!  Talk about your finances, your family, religion, and your fears.  Do you trust each other?  What if?  What if you can't work?  What if she gets sick?  Will you still be there for her?