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Re: Anyone see any risk here?

Booner72 wrote:

Thanks, Pizza!  I agree - I think he's just going to have to bite the bullet and get a credit check.  He said yesterday he liked Bank of the Cascades as they always cash his payroll checks and are super nice......We'll see if he got an account there. 


I changed my brother's last name last week, and our county sent me a letter a couple days after court just letting me know that a judgment was entered.  So at least we will get a letter from the court, if a judgment gets entered, if we don't hear from the CA first.

I hope that it works out well for him ~ keep us posted !   And the one good thing I see out of this situation is that at least he seems to be wanting your help, so hopefully this will lead to independence and good financial decision making....or at least a few baby steps in that direction...

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