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Re: Why doesn't he get it? Venting.

thankfulheart wrote:

One thing I'm learning from all of this, however, is to teach my 4 daughters to NEVER, EVER tangle up their finances with another person.  I used to be all "married life, joint accounts, OUR money" and I have learned the very hard way that "to each his own" is not at all selfish, but necessary in today's world.

Their are plenty of good men in the world. More that aren't, IMHO, but their are some good ones out there. I've been married to one of the good ones for 17 years. Before that, I had a bad one...very similiar to your Ex, but he only worked 3-4 months out of the year, LOL! But I was a kid then. 


I did not let him change who I was. I did not remain bitter because I knew there was someone really good for me out there and he found me. 


Please do not teach your daughter's the 'VERY UGLY' lesson that all men are like their dad and should not be trusted just because you ended up with a 'loser' (it happens). And more importantly, don't let your husband's inability to do the right thing make you bitter towards the next man. There is life after a bad marriage and Life is just too short. Period. 

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