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Re: How do you handle the Ex.'s collection calls....

BigDaddy18 wrote:

amkari wrote:

BigDaddy18 wrote:

... practice wife...! 

Too funny!!!  I now have a new term for the ex-husband.  He was my practice husband.  Smiley LOL

haha, I use it all the time, only makes since I mean it's all practice until you get it right I suppose?!



Yep... or in my case until you simply quit 'practicing,' dating, or otherwise trying to change it and resign yourself to being single for the rest of your life.  :-(


I use the same theory about my teenage driving record... 11 accidents from age 16 to 19 (or 20).  My final accident was a rollover in my mom's blazer... flipped the dang thing over the hood.  The first 10 were just practice, couldn't get it right... when I finally totalled one I could quit.  I haven't had even so much as a fender bender since and I'm now 37.   Suprisingly, my parents let me live... and continue driving.  BUT, they should've had a clue when I dumped myself and my ATC 3 wheeler upside down in the stinging nettle EVERY SINGLE YEAR during hunting season as a kid.  :-)


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