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Re: Unmarried couple buying house

drkaje wrote:

@ MissExcellentCredit,


You somehow managed to neatly sum up what was bothering me about the whole situation before I even figured it out.


Women really are smarter than us men, LOL!


Funny thing is, I would have never figured out why the idea felt icky. Seeing it in black and white makes me go "Jeez, Jake! The whole point of a girlfriend is you don't lose half your crap if it's time to make a change!". I can't imagine intentionally putting the kids in moving or changing homes again


Thank you! I'm not necessarily happy about finally getting it but am glad to understand things better. Smiley Happy

My current husband and I were dating when I was house hunting.  I was buying the house for me and my daughter to live in, and as we weren't married, I wanted something that I could afford on my own.  We knew we would get married, and we are married now, but I felt more comfortable buying the house on my own and co-habiting until we both felt comfortable taking the plunge.  Oklahoma is also a seperate property state, and I pay the mortgage and provided the down payment from my own funds... so there is also some protection there as far as assets if we were to ever split.

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