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Re: Unmarried couple buying house
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Just some food for thought if anyone is planning on doing this:


Think about what would happen to your partner if you should pass away.

Think about what would happen to you if your partner leaves.

Talk to an attorney!


I lived with my ex for 13 years and we built 2 homes ect.  We finally married and then divorced.  Because we built the homes BEFORE we were married I really had no rights.  Sort of.  Lucily my ex and I went our seperate ways and remained friends.  He kept one home, I kept the other but both homes were in his name.  Fast forward 13 years and he passed away.  His children tried to take my home.  6000 dollars later and a lawyer, that wont happen.  Get a Lawyer first!  Agree to everything from the start!  Put it in writing! 


We never go into a relationship thinking it will end.  We really dont think 20 years ahead as in our partner passing away leaving a mess......Get a Lawyer!

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