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Hoping I'm not the only bad person out there ...
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Well, I am looking for validation today.


A little background.  


I am 38 years old and I am  8 years older than my wife


I spent over 10 years living alone and answering to no one before my now wife and I moved in together 2 years ago.


We have been married now for almost a year, and have combined finances at her insistence.  I was comfortable keeping everything separate and was resistant, but gave in ... kind of.  I maintained a money market account that she does not know about, and I occasionally replenish it with monies I make as a contractor.  The money is used for things I would rather not have to explain ... casinos, gentleman's clubs, etc.  Keep in mind I make more than enough money so that these small amounts (no more than 6-7K in the account at any one time) do not remotely effect her quality of life or our future.


My question is, does anyone out there have a credit card that their spouse does not know about?  I am thinking of getting a new card and having the bills sent to my office.  I am pretty sure I am going to do it, just wanted to know I was not alone in wanting to maintain some sort of independence.



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