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Re: Hoping I'm not the only bad person out there ...

My DW and I pretty much have separate finances, but we have a joint checking account into which we each transfer funds for joint bills.  In addition to our personal savings accounts, we also have a joint savings account for future shared financial goals at a local credit union.  We have no joint credit cards.  This way, we each have financial independence but we also take care of our shared financial responsibilities.


A marital relationship requires a lot of honesty and a lot of trust if it's going to last.  Sneaking around setting up secret bank accounts and credit card accounts to do things without your wife knowing is just asking for major issues in your marriage.  Imagine if she found out.  She'd wonder what else you haven't been telling her about.  If there are activities you want to participate in that your wife doesn't like, you should tell her about them anyway.  If she trusts you, she will be able to accept it.  But being secretive is a recipe for disaster.

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