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Re: Hoping I'm not the only bad person out there ...

Under those circumstances I would have personally never gotten married. Also you messed up by letting her talk you into joining accounts. You can be married and have two different financial accounts, credit cards, etc. That doesn’t mean you won’t support her or help her with bills, etc. It just means you want to manager your own cash. I feel now you are resenting the fact that you weren’t man enough to tell your wife what YOU WANT (another reason not to marry when you can’t even tell the person what you want).


And by the sounds of things I bet you didn’t sign a prenup?


There’s no law that states you MUST join accounts, etc when you get married. Trust me when you get divorce she’ll have total access to all your monies.

In life you do one or the other, you either get married or have children.

What you’re doing is childish to say the least. It’s pretty much pointless now to start hiding stuff because you could have easily avoided all this by saying “no” to her when she asked you to join accounts.



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