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Re: Hoping I'm not the only bad person out there ...

I believe you are building the structure of your marital "house' on a faulty foundation. You are lying to her, and that removes an amount of trust.  When she finds out, and she will, she'll start to wonder about every thing else you've told her.  Do you tell her you are going to the "gentlemens club" or to the casinos? or is that another act of omission?  Like someone else has posted, lies bring more lies... like hiding the new card.. dude its gonna end badly for you. 


So if you are looking for validation? I don't think you're gonna get it here.  If you 're looking for a suggestion... tell your wife about the account, tell her that you need a little financial independance, and offer to set up an account for her to mirror yours.  Money issues are at the root of numerous divorces... make it a two way dicussion to find a mutual happy place...

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