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Re: Hoping I'm not the only bad person out there ...

webhopper wrote:

Hopefully you find a potential spouse who feels the same way! 

Let me ask you this, lets say your wife becomes pregnant and has to miss work for 2 months or more due to the baby...  Would you be ok with letting your wife be poor and have no money even though she's producing that baby for the both of you?




I did not mean we could not share money if need be, to a certain extent. In that situation, of course I would be okay with money being used. If my spouse charged up cards spending on unneccesary things, then no I would not spend money. I was just saying for individual expenses, I see no reason why I joint account is needed.


I will admit I am selfish which is why relationships are not for me. If the time ever comes that I do get in one, I would support them if the reason for the support has to do with me. Your situation seems to work and that is great. However, I know of too many instances of accounts being drained after the couple splits up.