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Re: Hoping I'm not the only bad person out there ...
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drkaje wrote:

FWIW, I'd bet tons of people have secret accounts and/or conceal spending, loans, co-signing, and so on from their spouses.

I'm pretty sure that my mom has a lane bryant account that my dad doesn't know about... and for several years my dad had a savings account that my mom didn't know about. He also had a credit card that she didn't know about. He didn't trust her to know about it and not rack it up with charges.


My parents have gone through the ringer with my mom's spending...  they have had over 30k in CC debt in the past.  My dad didn't share the fact that he'd inherited a bunch of money when his dad died, so he hid it in a savings account for their own good.


My mom on the other hand has always had a spending issue.  I'm fairly sure my dad doesn't know she has a lane bryant credit card.   I had wondered why all of a sudden she took a liking to lane bryant  until I went out shopping with her, and she had about 800 worth of purchases at lane bryant on that day.. And during the checkout she started asking the cashier if her prior months payment had made it there in time.


My parents have been married for 30 yrs.  The good thing is that they've worked out their problems.  My mom only charges one major thing at a time, and she won't charge anything new until the first thing is paid off.   My dad stopped hiding money in a savings account Smiley Wink  He invested it into a retirement account that my mom couldn't touch but knew was there.



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