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Re: Hoping I'm not the only bad person out there ...

Personally this was a fun  read. The OP has managed to twist just about all the females except me.  Heres why.  I like many before me was shall we say swindled in my twenties I made the mistake I lived with it and moved on.  I am about to get married and this is how we do the money His money is our money and my money is our money. It is simply ours.  Do I have a small stash of course what self repsecting women doesnt? Does he have a little stash of cash that he uses of course.  Here is the major difference with the OP He makes 75% of the money he works hard. I am currently unemployed.  My JOB is the house and the finances. I  discuss things  that involve our future reguarding children and money He listens and 99% of the time he agrees...eventuallyLOL. Our little stashes are in part a way of telling ourselves if I want to buy this I can. These stashes are modest and dont affect any part of our future.  Like an allowance.  But I say this very clearly, WE are an US US is a WE Some find keeping finances completly seperate(in case it doesnt work out)I find this along the same lines as a prenup.  A statement that it is not going to work out, completely opposite what marriage is. But everyone has what works for them

OP dont get secret accounts or cc make allowances for each of you to spend as you wish.  You say this extra money wont effect her quality of life, then shouldn't she have the same amount to spend as she sees fit. And seriously your post says it all Hoping your not the only BAD PERSON out there, you already deem this to be bad behavior or you wouldn't call yourself a BAD person.  Maybe you should see a priest or minister or rabbi whichever applies to you, and seek the absolution you seem to desire.


I wish you Luck...but remember this day when it eventually bites you in the ...  The saying is what skeletons do you have in the closet...ever wonder why the skeletons are in the closet and not buried in the ground....because a closet has a door that opens  LOL

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