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Re: Why doesn't he get it? Venting.

OK, so a little update.  He has been paying the bills that are in the joint account and has apparently been managing his personal account on his own.  We were having a financial conversation about his need to purchase a new-to-him vehicle soon, so I told him he needed to consider what he could afford for a monthly payment. 


His response: "How am I supposed to know what I can afford every month? I never know when I'm going to get paid, plus winter is coming and I might be off."

My response: cricket, cricket, cricket followed by "welcome to my world until I moved away and got a job"


Mean? probably, but oh so true.  The rest of the conversation was like it was finally starting to gain traction in his head that if you don't work, you don't get paid and the bills come every single month regardless of your account balance.


I appreciate the "tough love" on this board. It has helped me be more bold rather than tiptoeing around the problem.


And, as far as what I'm teaching my girls...they are strong, capable, whole young women who do not NEED anyone else to complete them.  They have a very strong male role model in my own father who more than demonstrates the attributes I hope they look for in a mate (who has been married to my mother for 54 years).  If they find a partner in life, by all means walk side by side, but there is no need to tangle finances along the way.  Yes, there will be some joint purchases, but there should always be a "breakaway" in case the worst happens.

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