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Re: Anyone out there with knowledge of debt and divorce in Wisconsin (Community Property State)?
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Thanks for the response.  Your comments sum up basically what I have found so far as well.  "Technically" I could sue my ex-wife, but that would be about as succesful as trying to get a gallon of blood from a two-pound turnip.


The "catch" that I am looking at in the community property law is that it appears that one can argue that if the debt incurred by one spouse did not serve a purpose for "the benefit of the family", that the other spouse is not automatically liable, even if  the debt was incurred during the marriage.  See the links below:


Wisconsin Marital Property and Debt After Divorce 


Table Referenced in Marital Property Article


The second link is a table that more or less sums up my arguement.  The first link is a little more detailed.