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Re: Hoping I'm not the only bad person out there ...

Bullseye, it sounds like maybe you had some reservations about combining accounts in the first place. If your gut told you there would be problems you need to listen to it. Suze Orman calls it a gut check and I have to agree with her that its usually right on if you listen to it. There is nothing wrong with having a joint account where the money to pay the bills gets deposited by each of you in an equitable fashion. I get the sense (not knowing the full story and coming from a marriage with a wife that took money) that your wife pushed for the joint account and the access it brings for a reason. I would watch my back. I see nothing wrong with having your own account and your own credit cards for each of you. If she chooses not to have one for herself that's her decision. And for god sake don't do any joint credit accounts, they just spell problems down the road if something back should happen. Best of luck.