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called stupid for having joint account?!?!

My soon to be fiance and I have had joint accounts and lived together for 2 years now. Apparently, I'm stupid for having joint finances? My co-workers all have seperate accounts from their wife/husband, and say that its not smart to have joint accounts. Now I could see if she was a shopaholic or something, yes, I might need a seperate account. However, we are both pretty frugal, keep our DTI very low, and splurge on couples things. We dont have to stress about money really and we are very in sync when it comes to finances. We budget every week before payday, I tell her what bills we have coming out, she decides the amount we set aside for weekly fun, and the rest goes in savings. I thought it was pretty easy, and thats the end of my financial thought for the rest of the week.

Is this a bad idea? Maybe when we have more than just 7k in the bank it might be tragic if she somehow took all of that money and ran one day lol, but I live in MI where its all 50/50 regardless of what accounts they are on. Is there something I should be worried about now?

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