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Liability questions...

I am hoping that some of you can provide any help.  My Dad passed away last week, but did not leave a will.  My brothers and I are trying to help my Mom sort out the financials - pensions, loans, credit cards, etc.  My Dad had 3-4 credit cards that appear to be in only his name that still have balances on them (each is anywhere from $3000-5000).  He also has a vehicle loan again only in his name with a current payoff of more than $17000 (Mom does not drive and has no use for the vehicle).  Finally, he has a Capital One personal loan with about $19000 still due that was also in only his name (as far as we can tell).  My Mom had no Idea most of these existed until she began paying the monthly bills after my Dad got sick.  Does my Mom have any liability for any of these items?  She will only receive a small survivor benefit from his pension and the life insurance was just enough to cover funeral expenses.  She is on social security with a small (less than $300) pension of her own and obviously can't afford any of these payments now.  I know we need to see a lawyer, but I am hoping that someone can provide some insight.  Previous to seeing a lawyer, is there anything I can do to help?   Thank you all in advance.