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Re: Liability questions...

Do you live in a community property state?


If the answer is yes, she will be held liable for them.


If the answer is no, then she probably will not be held liable for them.


With regards to the vehicle - and this is ONLY a suggestion - call the finance company (is it Capital one) and say you can no longer keep the car/afford the car/driver deceased/driver moved to heaven and left no forwarding address, and ask them to come and get the car.   Let them know that the insurance will be stopped on x date.  Call the insurance company and stop the coverage.




I had a few tenacious bill collectors after a family member died.  For some reason, they came after me for the money.  I got to the point, when they would not get the message, that I returned all mail correspondence with a message on it ---   "MOVED TO HEAVEN.   NO FORWARDING ADDRESS"


That seems the most effective way to stop the harassment.




I am sorry your dad died.  It is good of you and your siblings to help your mom out.