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Re: Wedding debt..

After 10 years and 2 kids, my husband and I finally just got married last month, it cost us $2,200 total!! For everything!! I hate hearing about people who put all this money into 1 DAY. Yes, you want it to be memorable and special, but you don't have to be so over the top! We didn't go to a courthouse, we found a local JOP who came to my fathers house (he has a huge backyard) and we set up tents, and I ordered my own flowers online and got streamers, tulle paper, and paper lanterns, and we had an absolutely beautiful wedding! I loved it! Now I am lucky because my dad happens to be an awesome cook, so he made all the food for us, but even to do a buffet style dinner would only cost you about $1500 for 75 people or so. Do some research online, there are a lot of Do-It-Yourself websites for weddings, and you can have a beautiful, special, amazing wedding for a lot less money! Save that money for a honey moon or a down payment for your first house or something!!

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