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Re: GF problems

I totally 100th what all of these posters have advised. If she doesn't come around after a serious talk, you need to get out now. When I was 18, I "knew" about credit somewhat and knew I need to pay off and on time. Well the apt my bf and I lived in was only in my name because he couldn't get an apt (should have been my first sign but love really is blind I guess), so when I got pregnant (LIKE PREVIOUS poster mentioned) I had all these bills when he left and wouldn't take care of them. 


Moral of the story is I got screwed over young by someone who didn't want the responsibility of bills (3 years older than me...) and I took them on and also let them buy things they "had" to have. Now, I just turned 24 and have a 5 year old and still no money from ex worse half, and am trying to scramble to fix all the awful things on my credit related to the time with him... not to mention the chexsystems ding because of an account that he overdrew (joint--DUMB), that I didn't have the money to pay after the fact, because to my knowledge it was a 0 balance, no access anymore and I had my own checking account by that point.



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