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Re: Anyone out there with knowledge of debt and divorce in Wisconsin (Community Property State)?
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Just now reading this, and here's a reply from someone with no pretense to having legal knowledge, but as someone who's gone through a lot of divorce-related stuff.


How big is the debt? And it's a medical debt, right? Although it's certainly not a cast-iron guarantee, your odds of getting a medical debt collector to cease reporting the collection if you pay (this is called PFD, or pay for delete) is way higher than for other collection types. Also, in some cases, you can get the original creditor (doctor, emergency room, whatever) to accept payment directly to them in exchange for them pulling back the collection and wiping the whole thing from your reports.


Is it right that you should have to pay for your not-quite-ex-wife's debts? Probably not. if doing so results in a clean credit report for you, and no more hassles in the future from collectors? You're going to have to figure out your answer to that, and it will vary for everyone.


It's really common in divorces to get into a mind-set where you want the other party to pay for --or really, to simply acknowledge --their bad behavior during the marriage. On some level, we all seem to want a public acknowledgement from those who have wronged us, but realistically, this rarely happens. Wanting to make this happen can result in some counter-productive behavior, aka, cutting off your nose to spite your face. Now that the divorce is (presumably) final, she can't hit you with any new debts, so there might be something to be said for paying this one off (IF you can get them to agree IN WRITING to delete all reporting about a collection in exchange for your payment), if the figure isn't too huge. Just a thought. :smileyhappy:

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