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Re: GF problems

rootpooty wrote:

drkaje wrote:

This is a problem easily fixed.



OP seems your gf lives in the fantasy land that money grows on trees and your the one stressing over it.  And what do you mean you "have" to let her buy something?  Does she threaten to break up with you or something?  What are her parent's input on this?  If her mother has the attitude that you should be providing for her well then my word to you would be bounce now.


Your only 21 and you have perfect credit now that can be EASILY destroyed by her in seconds

The only thing that I (barely) disagree with on this entire thread is that she's living in a fantasy land, where money grows on trees.


In fact, the way it's working now is that money DOES grow on trees, and you're the forester, and it's your job to make this money come out of nowhere.


Maybe she's just immature, or maybe in fact she knows (on some level) exactly what she's doing and she's a user, but either way, this isn't a balanced, mature relationship, and you're being used.


--and I seriously worry about the bit about "Brandon and HIS credit card bills." I'm sorry, she sounds like someone who at a minimum lies to others, and maybe also lies to herself. Neither is a good sign.


Best wishes, but do take care of yourself. Truly loving people want only the best for each other, and work to make that happen. If only one of you is doing that, there are some serious problems going on, which need to be dragged out under the 100-watt bulb and examined.


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