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Re: GF problems

Brother, let me tell you something...


This isn't going to get better as time goes on.

Apparently she's still stuck in high school... and guess what, so are you.


That might sound harsh, but it's intended to be this way. If you are not looking forward to a life of you two living like this, then as drkaje implied, there's one easy way to be done with this. There are a million more women out there that are willing, ready, and able to be a bit more "frugal" than your current girlfriend is. I get the whole highschool sweetheart thing, but it's causing you more stress than anything else. Realize that a LOT of divorces and unhappy marriages have at the root... the problem of finances, and you are heading into that territory. Clearly, she has no respect for you when it comes to financials (as noted by how she pegs the debt as just YOURS and she can spend at will and you won't say anything). At this point, you are enabler even if you don't directly do so.


You might need to move on.

Just as I did once. I had to maintain another person for YEARS and all it did was create resentment. She'd have a checking account with nothing but 40 dollars to her name and come back with a new pair of shoes while that was 40 dollars less I could count on to help pay the rent. I would get mad at her, tell her about it, tell her to stop doing it... and then next month she'd do it again. I didn't realize I was enabling the behavior even though I was against it.


If she's not ready to become financially responsible, then it might be time for it to be HER problem instead of "OURS".

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