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Re: Huge CC Debt and still need $25K more

GregB wrote:
- My ex embezzled money from both business and dug a big financial hole.

- I'm at the end of a 5+ year divorce that has cost a fortune. When filing for divorce, my ex maxed out all accounts to which she had access.

- I've become a single parent as my ex does not contribute to any expenses of my son. I have also had huge legal expenses as a result of her being convicted of criminal charges including Willful Child Cruelty but still wanting conpletely unrestricted visitation.


Any great ideas that I'm missing?

A great lawyer & ..... a Louisville Slugger?  (JK)


I cannot believe you have to PAY HER when she's, quite obviously, been draining your finances to the hilt!  Smiley Mad


I think a top notch lawyer will be worth every penny they charge.

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