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Re: Turning brother in for CC fraud

Been lurking for a few months.  Most of your guys have great advise but I think the op may be mislead here.  Though he hasn't logged on since the initial post so hopefully he called his parents to ask for advise.

I agree with Wolf3 and  RyVision.

We don't know enough about what is happening.

How old is his brother for one.  Is he young and foolish?  We all have done things that we wish we wouldn't have when we were young.

Did the bothers have a feud?  Some siblings do the stupidest things when fighting.

Calling the police in either of the above scenarios would be bad.  His brother and maybe parents and siblings would never forgive him.

Or is the brother a rotten apple.  In that case then sure call the police.

Otherwise I think it best to call the parents if they are still alive and get there input.

Best case would be that the parents would pay off the dept and op submit goodwill letters explaining what happened to have any late dates removed off  his credit report.


Like  RyVision said any call to the police would pretty much end any good life that the brother could have had......

I sure couldn't do that to any of my brothers even if they did something as stupid as this.