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Re: Turning brother in for CC fraud

RyVision wrote:

Frankly, over 6 grand (unless we were both flat broke) I wouldn't put my brother in jail along with it's horrible treatment and the effect it would have on him the rest of his life.  I'd face him like a man and tell him the accounts have been closed and ask how he's going to pay me back before I ever considered doing that to him.  Blood is still thicker than money.   I for one can replace money, I can NOT however replace a brother.


I think a lot of you are talking through your hats on this one!


I would put a freeze on my credit however first thing though regardless.


I'll tell you one thing for a fact, no matter what you think of your brother now, he will only come out of the prison system a much worse person and very resentful of you for life, you will no longer have that brother.  Think about that before you listen to these "OH I GOT COJONES" blowhards.  These people MAY watch a little too much "Doctor" Phil at times............

I like my brothers, and would say I am closest to my little brother. I would not hesitate for one second to ring the police on him if he did this to me. Why should I be concerned if he would resent me for life? To be honest, I would resent him for life and never speak to him again. I loaned a cousin and a close friend money and they never paid it back; I have not spoken to them since and this was around three years ago. I do not play games when it comes to money, and for someone to open credit cards claiming to be me is about as bad as it gets.


You may not sever ties with family so easily, but I have no problem with it. If he cared about family so much the cards would not have been open. In my opinion, just because someone is family does not mean they should get any kind of special treatment when it comes to the rules.