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Re: Turning brother in for CC fraud

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Frankly, over 6 grand (unless we were both flat broke) I wouldn't put my brother in jail along with it's horrible treatment and the effect it would have on him the rest of his life.  I'd face him like a man and tell him the accounts have been closed and ask how he's going to pay me back before I ever considered doing that to him.  Blood is still thicker than money.   I for one can replace money, I can NOT however replace a brother.


I think a lot of you are talking through your hats on this one!


I would put a freeze on my credit however first thing though regardless.


I'll tell you one thing for a fact, no matter what you think of your brother now, he will only come out of the prison system a much worse person and very resentful of you for life, you will no longer have that brother.  Think about that before you listen to these "OH I GOT COJONES" blowhards.  These people MAY watch a little too much "Doctor" Phil at times............

Obviously not to the brother. Thou shall not steal!!!


I doubt he would get prison time, especially if it's a first offense. Fines and probation and if it is not the first time than he deserves the jail time. The experience might make him a better person and or at least think twice. I am sorry but I would report my brother or sister in a minute if they did that to me...but they would never do anything like that..never.

Do NOT make assumptions about the legal system when it comes to another persons dealings with an issue like this that has absolutely no bearing on you whatsoever.  You do not have the slightest clue as to what the legal system would do, that is obvious.  Do NOT give the OP the idea that the court system will slap their brother on the wrist and everything will smooth out for both.  It WILL NOT HAPPEN that way.


Those handing out the "hang em high" advice are NOT in this persons shoes, do not know how it will affect them and are not psychologist, legal professionals or involved in any way.  Telling someone to do what THEY would do (possibly) if in such a situation, on a forum, over the internet, in simple text, is very self important as you are not involved, connected, related, or even correct.  The only peson that can make this call is the OP, and not on the "Oh I'd do this because everyone needs tough love blah blah", but on information as to facts of the situation.  Which are what I put in my post. I would never tell a total stranger they should take such an action, I would only tell them WHAT I KNOW could be the out comes and that it was their decision to make and what I'd take into consideration first. 


Think about that before telling someone you've never met how they should handle such a matter as though you're giving out simple credit score advice.


Not only is there "thou shalt not steal" there also is "Thou shalt not judge",  try to remember you have to take all those statements into account and not just pick your favorites  (very few people are able to remember that).

It is human nature to judge. Making the OP feel that turning in his brother will result in the brother/family resenting him for life or that it means he doesn't have allegiance to his family is just has judgmental. Get off your soapbox. You have your opinion and I am entitled to mine.

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