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Re: Turning brother in for CC fraud

I have first hand experience with this situation. My brother has done worse. Opened credit cards in my parents name, gotten car loans in my sister's name and sold my text books right in the middle of the semester. We didn't turn him to the cops- he did that himself by messing with other individuals who eventually called the cops on him. However we did everything we could to make him see the errors of his way.


Today, my bother is still not completely centered but he's come a long way. We have no regrets about the way we handled things. In retrospect, I'm glad we did NOT get the cops involved. No matter how hard life is, it is always great to know that one has the love and support of family to fall back on.


I really get amazed how easily people get riled up by money. To the extent that it affects the relationship between friends and family. I lost a very good friend of mine a few weeks ago. She died at 32. She had the rest of her life ahead of her. It reminded me how short life is and how money is NEVER worth losing people over.

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