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Re: Turning brother in for CC fraud

alex1977 wrote:

I recently learned that my brother opened up two credit card accounts in my name and has accumulated charges of roughly 6k. I assume my only option is two turn him into the CC company for the fraud or take the hit on my credit and repay the debt myself. Does anyone know what will happen to my brother if I turn him in for fraud to the CC companies, I assyume he will be arrested? Thanks

Rhetorical question first... Does your brother have the money and the desire to pay these debts?  I thought so...anyway your brother is just like myself and anyone else on this board: we're all human.  The fact that he's your brother has nothing to do with how you proceed to move forward with this matter.  Had a long time friend created this situation, I'm sure you'd probably consider all options as it relates to clearing this debt. If your brother decided that it was a good idea to open charge cards in your name and exercised poor judgment by moving forward with it, then he needs to pay the bill.  On the other hand, if he isn't willing to make it right by paying the bill promptly, then our legal system can intervene and remind him of his obligation in the matter and place a hold on his income tax returns especially if he has dependents.